“One day, hundreds of very strange cats invade a town and begin to stalk the locals. Nobody knows where they came from or what they want, and nothing seems to frighten the cats away. All they do is stare…”

The Cats That Stared is my first attempt at writing, illustrating and self-publishing a short story. It was shortlisted for a Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) award for Best Newcomer and gained enough votes to achieve runner-up in that category. You can get your copy here!

Here are a few Etsy reviews from readers of The Cats That Stared:

“This is so weird. I love it!” (5 stars) – Michelle

“So cute it was sickening. There was cuteness and squee on every page, I loved it.” (5 stars) – Alice

“Great little comic, very cute.” (5 stars) – Tohonas

“Really loved this comic, I’ve read it a bunch of times now, the illustrations are lovely and there’s a load of cats, which is always good, thank you for making this ^_^  “ (5 stars) – Harriet

“This is a great comic. I got it for my wife and we both enjoyed it a lot!” (5 stars) – Steven

“the comic provides smiles for young and old…[Claire] clearly shows she has a fantastic knack not only for her artwork but also for her amusing storytelling.” (5 stars) – Martyn

“Lovely lovely comic. Made me grin a lot.” (5 stars) – Quimby